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With the evolution of smartphones and tablets, the number of games is increasing every other day. There are thousands and thousands of games present in play store. Fortress fury is one of these games. It is one of the amazing games with unique features.

The production of Fortress fury began in 1st August 2014. Marks and Maron contributed for the production of this game, because of their obsession towards Children games. They tried to keep the overall feel of the game unique by incorporating elements like real time competition and creativity. All the right elements including real time competition, easy and simple access, creativity, player versus mobile player game makes fortress furry a unique and fun to play game.


Howard and Jordan created the game Fortress Fury under their new company XREAL, where they are currently providing players and everyday individuals the chance to be part of Fortress Fury. Through an equity crowdfunding campaign, they are now offering the general public access to express interest in investing in the company so that anyone, including its players, can be a part of the industry.


Well a very nice 2D game that can be played online against real players. Fortress fury is the game with magical essence, and set in the fantasy land called Forterra. The main idea of the game is to call the soldiers and to defend the castles by attackers using magical instruments. Actually in the game you are supposed to build a castle or a fort using different constructive materials like wood, meal or etc. And then you are supposed to save the built fort from the attackers. The game has many built in magical weapons that can be used to save the fort.

Game Design

The game is quite easy and simple to understand. You can easily build a fort by using different material. Fortress Fury will give a very real effect. The game also uses few rules of physics which will give you an amazing feel. Moreover you can also use strong material and heavy weapons to save your fort.

Music is the most important element of any game. Fortress fury has war like music which shows that some action is coming on your way and it alerts you. The 2D Digital graphics of the game along with music makes it more attractive towards the players.


  • The most amazing feature of fortress fury is that it can be played in real time against your friends, strangers, family or any other player.
  •  It will help in enhancing your strategy. You learn how to use thousands of building material to build your fort. And how to save the fort from the attackers by using different magical weapons.
  • Fortress fury has energy crystals. Collecting the energy crystal will boost your energy level and will help you to fight against opponents.
  • The 2D graphics and the powerful sound effects makes the game fun to play and involves the concentration of the players.
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