5 Most Creative Applications of Voice Tech

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Applications that use voice technology are increasingly becoming popular over the last few years. Developers continue to work day and night to come up with technological innovations that make our lives less complicated. As things stand now, you can send email, learn about your community, buy movie tickets and do much more tasks just by speaking to your mobile device. Below you will find some of the most creative apps of voice technology that have taken the world of voice technology by storm.


Using Vlingo voice application, you can turn your words into action. This application combines intent engine and voice to text technology to command your phone to complete your desired actions. Once you download and install Vlingo, all you need is to speak to your phone and wait to see your commands translated into responses. You can also type your command in the ActionBar and wait to get a response while on the go. If you are looking for direction to a college, you want to send a quick text to your wife while driving or perhaps you want to find the phone number of the nearest barbershop, Vlingo can accomplish all these tasks for you. The app helps you to stay connected to your family, friends, workmates, business and activities that are important to you.

Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant is also referred to as a talking buddy. The app uses voice technology to perform tasks, answer questions, notify, launch apps, find information and connect you with web services, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. If you want to search for news and images, look up for direction on the map, convert currency, look up weather reports or send emails, Speaktoit Assistant is the perfect voice technology app for you. There is no need of memorizing complex interfaces or special commands. You can simply type or speak to the phone using the natural language to get a response you need.


Jeannie is one of the best voice application that has reached millions in downloads to date. The app responds to your voice when you speak to your mobile device. It has a voice search feature, so you will not need to memorize complex phrases or keywords. You can simply talk to your mobile phone and get your actions responded to quickly. Many people prefer Jeannie because of its conversational features. The app performs different tasks such as searching the web, initiating phone calls, setting your alarm, playing music and controlling other apps. Some of the phrases that you can use include Call Charles at home, News about Obama, Mail Kelly that I love her, Open contact Peter or Launch the web browser.

Siri Assistant App

Siri Assistant App also falls under this list of most creative applications of voice tech. The app was developed by Apple to run on their iOS mobile operating system. Siri Assistant work as a personal assistant app for navigation and knowledge. The app uses a natural language user interface to perform a plethora of tasks such as answering questions, searching the web, making recommendations and making phone calls. It uses the natural language, so you don’t have to memorize special phrases or keywords. Apple says that Siri Assistant App uses a cloud-based voice recognition technology to analyze commands, process and interpret voice using voice data collected from the cloud.


Skyvi is one of the voice tech apps that will surprise you. This app knows everything from celebrities to local businesses. Using the app, you can call or text friends, get weather information and reminders, give you directions, find friends and update your social media sites, simply by speaking to the phone. Key features of Skyvi include Voice Texting, Get directions, fast find and call places, Call Contacts, Fun chats, Play music, Text by Voice and Update Facebook or Tweet with Voice. Skyvi is not affiliated to Siri or Apple.

These are some of the five most creative applications of voice tech that were developed in the past few years. However, there are several others which can make up on this list.


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