Over 288,000 Social Riders Used Fare Split or UberPool at New Year’s Eve

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Uber – Over 288,000 social riders celebrated the beginning of the New Year with either Fare Split or Uber Pool. And over 150,000 were in an Uber at the stroke of midnight.

On the New Year`s midnight, a new pattern of celebration is identified. People from different cities tend to show a diverse way of celebrating this night. The number and the duration of rides taken by these people vary with the time according to the city they are living. Chicago started the celebration earliest e.g. at 7:00PM and Bangalore headed home the earliest e.g. at 1:00AM. It was also notices that 11:00PM was the time when the number of rides taken was the least; it was because the partying was at its peak. However, Singapore and London had fun and did party till 5`O clock in the morning of 1st January.

According to the Uber’s official stats, more than 155,000 party hoppers took more than 2 rides on New Year`s Eve. And the demand increased by 250% between 12:01AM and 12:30AM. It was also realized that 100,000+ people downloaded the application on their phones for a safe ride to their homes.

The pattern is definitely going to set a new trend for the rides taken at the New Year. The companies who provide safe rides, will be having new policies for the New Year`s Eve.

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