6 Different Types of iPhone Users

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types of iphone users

When you are making a decision of buying a smartphone and go out in market. You will most probably found iPhone most attractive among all types of android phones. Why is it so? Because of its looks, style, Design, Features, speed, Performance, Battery timings, amazing and Camera and there could be tons of other reasons as well. In other words you can say iPhone is a style statement these days. As we look at evolution of iPhone, we came to know that there are several different kinds of iPhone users. In this article I am going to tell you about 6 different kinds of iPhone users. Actually how people use iPhone these days. Let’s have a look.

The Over users

This is kind of iPhone users who keep on using their phone 24 hours a day. They are always on it to the degree that sometimes it becomes difficult to hold a conversation with them. They are just obsessed with their phone. The Over users keep on downloading different applications or games from play store because of boredom. You may found many over users around you as well.

The Fanboy

The fanboy is kind of iPhone users who is excited about everything from Apple. He keeps on buying latest Iphone products from apple iPhone to wearing an Apple T-Shirt. Most of the time the fanboy avoid washing his shirt with apple logo because he don’t want the logo to be faded. Fanboy keeps on blaming other operating systems and believes that iPhone is the best among all. You may have experienced some fanboys around you too.

The Unappreciative

Particularly they are owner of iPhone because it is trendy. They do not know much about phone and use it only as style statement or fashion. The unappreciative usually do not buy any kind of app and keep on blaming that the size of iPhone Is difficult to handle. They still miss their Nokia phone.

The Desk Job

Desk job is kind of Iphone owners who keep two phones at the same time and use iPhone on the places like gym. They use their Iphone as an iPod. They never make calls on phone but still love to keep iPhone.

The Hacker

The hacker is another kind of Iphone user. They jailbreak their Iphone from the day the own Iphone. They use it to remote start their car, to turn on the neighbours television. She usually cuts of AT and T and uses phone for calls on Skype and uses WiFi. You may found many Hackers around you too.

The Senior Citizen

They are kind of iPhone users who can amaze you at first look. Because they even don’t know how to get benefits out of an iPhone. They are kind of users whose typing speed is one word per minute and use default ring tones. No one actually knows why this guy is ended up with an iPhone.

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