Twitter Now Offers Lookup, Smartcare, Kotak and Much More in India

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Twitter has created a vital impact on the lives of people and has transformed the meaning of them somehow. A social media website is not only a way to keep people connected and informed of the happenings around the world 24/7 but it has been a cause of successful business’ conduction as well. Same as the case with twitter too.

Let us talk about its uses in India first.

As customers and sellers interact and communicate with each other via Twitter in a comparatively better way, so twitter in partnership with lookup makes it easier for you to get connected. If you are desiring to get in connection with some sort of local business or want to come across a shop, spas, salon and much more you can do it all with lookup platform through twitter.

You are also able to pay bills, recharge your accounts or track the data usage on twitter through Smartcare.

Whereas the banking services of Kotak has also been introduced for the users of Twitter. It is not all they are also giving book purchases and pre booking of movies to attract the users and to create an ease for them.

Well if you want to get the information of your flight such as timings, tickets etc. It is no more a big deal. Jet Airways has expanded their services for the twitter users through #jetinstant, where they can get all the information within minutes.

So, as you see that with the rapid change in time the ways to conduct businesses and to get connected with the customers has also been transformed. Although it has certain positive and negative sides as well, but in the end it saves the time.

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