Top 5 Best Torrent Downloading Software for PC

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Inspite of it criticism BitTorrent or Torrent is most popular and most used technology on the internet. It is a efficient and peer- topper file making it more easy and fast in use. Most of the people are of the view that it is mainly used for wrong reason because in most cases torrent is used to share or copy copyright material. Most of the browsers except Opera do not support torrent downloading natively. Her in this article we are going to share 5 best torrent downloading software for PC. The list of software given below is totally free.


Tixati is the most popular and that’s why its above the list. It is very fast and light. In this software you do not need to address extras, tool bars, advertisements, adware’s or any else annoying thing. The UI is very straight forward and small. Tixati is full with advance features like EX, DHT and Magnet Link support, RC4 encryption, scheduling, RSS but still it is not complex at all. Tixati is among top best downloading software for PC because of its perfect balance. Some of its key features include Detailed views of all aspects of the swarm, including peers, pieces, files, and trackers, Peer connection encryption for added security and the last but not the least highly advanced bandwidth charting. It is available for Linux GTK native version and windows.

abc bit torrent client
It is another BitTorrent Client. It is light and fast with simple interference. It enables you to easily arrange display to show trackers/seeds/stats. You can pause and line up any torrent at any time easily and can set timers for your upload. It is available for Linux Beta and windows. It has all the features which are required by a good client including


BitComet is fast and free downloading software. This software is very good and its interference is easy to navigate for users. But one thing must be kept in mind while using it that many private torrent sites will ban you for using BitComet. On the other hand many people are of the view that BitComet reports incorrect ratio information and sometimes also leaks data to DHT. However you should give it a tr.


Vuze is somehow different from all other clients. Because it do not only focuses on finding and downloading. It is enable to do all with no fuse that shows developers are ambitious and it is reflected by Vuze. It is able to play any media in this product like mp3, HD videos and etc. You can also use Vuze to rum media on your devices like Android, iPad, iPod, iPhone and other devices. It also helps you in converting videos too.


Mac users are of the view that there is not any for downloading torrent. Transmission is answer to their misconception. It is favorite among Mac users because it is open and software with Clean UI. Moreover it uses a smallest memory footprint of any client.

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