Top 5 Best Free Android Games For 2014

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best android games 2014

Today almost every person is the owner of android phone. Young generations are quite interested in games and love to play games. This article covers top 5 best games for android in year 2014. They are available at play store and can be downloaded for free.

1. Brave Wolf Hunter

brave wolf hunter

It is one of the best free android games for 2014. It is first person shooter game. It’s version 1.3 is available on play store and it got updated on May 3, 2014. Brave wolf hunter is a nice game for the people who love shooting and hunting like stuff. It includes variety of weapons and you may choose it with your own choice. It is a challenging game play and has cool blood effects when a wolf has been hit by weapon. Player is supposed to protect town from wolves. But sometimes it is a bit hard to use. Wolf hunter is loved by youngsters hence is one the top of android shooting games.

2. Retro Future racing

 Retro Future racing

As the name suggests, it is a racing game for the race loving youngsters. Retro Future Racing is a new game for racing which is combination of stylish cars with the futuristic style of car racing. If you love racing games then it is must play. Gamers need to be very efficient as it is very fast and sometimes difficult to handle. Its version 1.0.1 is available on play store. Some of the pros of this racing game is, it has numbers of cars and customizing options. It is best for both smartphones and tablets as well. Nice graphics make this game more attractive.

3. Soul Guardians- Age of Midgard

Soul Guardians - Age of Midgard

Soul guardians is one of the best action games available on play store and you can download it for free. Some of the features of soul guardians include: It can run on android in fast speed and it is blended with different features to keep it fresh and up date. Its best graphics and multiple creatures make it more attractive. People who are attracted towards action games will love soul guardians. It got updated in May 2014 and its version 1.1.1 is available now. Person may face some resistance while playing for this un install the game and download it again.

4. 94 Degrees

94 Degrees

94 degree is another best android game to play in 2014. In this game you need to answer as many questions in less amount of time as you can. 94 degrees is available on play store and one can download it for free. Its graphics and Variety available in it make it more appealing for people. Some of the pros of this game is that it is highly addictive and educational. It is free and has variety of content. But time sensitive challenges can make player stress out. It is a must play game to improve your knowledge base.

5. Marble Kingdom

Marble Kingdom

Marble kingdom is a puzzle game and can be downloaded for free from play store. It is appealing for kids and adducts at the same time because of its graphics. Match same color bubbles to boost your scores. It include a lot of appealing items which make it a fun game. Download it now from your play store.

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