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There is not any doubt in the fact that iPhone is a great invention, with most advanced design and latest technologies. On the other hand you cannot overlook the fact, that it is not problem-free. It may get stuck during iOS updates. May get stuck if you fail to jailbreak or restore iPhone to the default factory setting.

It is very irritating to find your phone unresponsive or to realize that you do not have any access to your messages, calls, photos and other important data any more. In the below article we are going to suggest you the simple and the powerful tool that is able to fix all kind of iOS stuck problems. ReiBoot is a magical software developed by Tenorshare that will enable you to deal with all iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) stuck problems.

What is iOS Recovery Mode?

Well let me explain you first what iOS recovery mode is. Most of the cases of dead iPhone are solved by using iOS recovery mode. It is basically used to re-flash your devices with new OS (operating system), if the previous one is not responding or is damaged. Most of the times, the white arrow pointing towards the iTunes appears on the screen.

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Key Features:

  1.  Absolutely free effectiveness for all available iOS devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and etc.
  2. It is very easy and simple in use. What you need to do is, simple one click and all your problems will get fixed. See how Amazing.
  3. All of above, it is free from all kinds of bugs and viruses. Feel free to install it into your iOS devices without any free of viruses or bugs.
  4. Software gets updated on time, to ensure its availability all the time.
  5. It offers both Windows version as well as Reiboot for Mac Version.
  6. It does not result in any kind of data loss, damage or any other risks.
  7. Enables you to enter iPhone recovery mode easily. If your home button is unresponsive or broken.

How to use Tenoshare ReiBoot?

It is very easy and simple in use. You do not need any kind of technical skills to operate Tenorshare ReiBoot. All you need is to remember that it is actually a computer based app, and not phone based. So you are required to download it in your computer. It will start automatically as soon as you are done with the installation process.


You can see two options above — ‘Enter Recovery Mode’ and ‘Exit Recovery Mode’. Just click one of them according to your choice. Wait for 20 seconds and it will start its work. See how simple and easy.

Why ReiBoot?

ReiBoot is best option that will enable you to deal recovery mode problems of almost all iOS devices. Using ReiBoot to deal with your iPhone stuck problem is simply a ‘Do it yourself’ process. ReiBoot tried to make your life easier and better as it is much professional software. Download it now and make your life easy.

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