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Retrica best way to take selfie

Takings Selfie is very popular in present days. Most of the time you may come across people on the road, in cars, parks and even in the classrooms taking Selfie without any assistance. But Selfies are not turned to be perfect all the times. Most of the times you have to face problems like background, light problems, contrast setting and etc. But you do not need to worry now. Because Retrica, the best Selfie application is now available to solve your problems. It has best Selfie capturing features with light and background setting. You can download Retrica for free from play store and enjoy its features.

Initially, Retrica was designed for iOS users. But because of its amazing and unique features, it got popularity and now android users can also download it for free. The application has many incredible features like photo filter, app logos, different layouts and you can blur the images as well. Download it now for free. The link for free download is given at the end.

Camera View

You can capture the picture by using front camera or back camera by dragging the camera option on top right of the screen.


On the bottom of the screen you can see five different options for capturing a picture. These icons can be used to select different settings like various photo grids and patterns for the photo to produce dark edges, focus blur, Out-of-focus blur, collages and interesting borders. Retrica has 22 different collages for pictures. You can share your images directly on social websites as well.

Self Timer

This application has another unique feature that makes it the best application for taking Selfie. It is self timer for better capturing. You can adjust the timer according to your will and can capture images more accurately. You can adjust time and interval accordingly.

Photo Filters

On the bottom right of your screen you can see photo filter option. Retrica provides you almost 80 different kind of professionally designed photo vintage. They may help you to bring best Selfie shot for you.
The out-of-focus blur option is very useful as it provides you the option to only focus on yourself and blurs the back ground. There is another option on your screen ‘How to apply filters’ before or after taking shots.

Inspite of the fact that this application lacks some important features like flash, but still it is worth downloading if you love to take photos without any assistance. The app has introduced best filters and features like self timer that helps to produce best photos ever.
These all features make Retrica the best app to take selfie. You can also grab it for free from play store in your android phone and may amaze your fellows with best selfie shots.

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