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MyPCBackup is an online data backup service that has a sleek interface with the number of features. Millions of people around the globe are using PC backup. The question arises here that whether MyPCBackup is legit or it is a scam? This article is the answer to this question where you can read full MyPCBackup review with pros, cons and features.

mypcbackup review

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Easy To Use:

Well installing MyPCBackup service is quite easy, what you have to do is just to enter your name email and password. No credit card number is required in free trial which lasts for 14 days. It is easy to install and it gives you all amazing features you actually looking for. Including synching of files between devices, external drives too, file and folder sharing online access, complete computer restores, compatibility with any operating system you are using only except Linux and the ability to backup any type of file. The amazing thing about MyPCBackup is, it is completely automated. In more simple words just install it and forget it. My Pc backup transfers your important data to cloud storage using a secure HTTPS. These files are stored in an AMZANON S3 DATA CENTRE for the purpose of high security.

Plan Your BackUp Automatically OR Manually:

If we talk about features and functions MyPCBackup is quite identical to just cloud. It allows you to add extra files to your back and you can schedule it manually or on daily basis as well. It also have an advance schedule option which allows you to set a specific day of the week for backup. Moreover it also gives you the facility of hourly backup.

3 Upgraded Options

MyPcBackup has 3 upgraded options that are starting from only $4.49. Home, premium and unlimited are three option you can choose according to your choice. Home has 75 GB space, whereas premium provides you space of 250 GB. And the unlimited option, as the name suggest has unlimited storage. The price is mostly in between range of $4.49 to $9.95.


It is an App for windows, Android and iOS. It actually allows you to delete the data from a stolen computer. For example if your laptop is stolen or lost you can simply log in to your online account and can delete the entire backup. In this way you can save your sensitive files or data from thieves.


Well the negative feature of My PC backup is that unlimited version is capped of 500 GB but you can synchronized only 20 GB. You are supposed to upgrade it for certain features that are included with other services. Here are some of the draw backs of My PC Backup.

  • Complete computer restore is a bit slow.
  • It does not support Linux.
  • Slows down your device during backups.

Is it a malware or Scam?

Well many people using MyPCBackup have question that whether it is legit or not? I would say it is completely legit and works perfectly without affecting your computer. However, it is important to mention that when you install the free trial of my PC Backup from any kind of cooperate website it comes with different kind of pop-ups and reminders. For example your software is going to expire in 12 days and etc. This reminders keep on appearing until or unless you buy or uninstall the software. These reminders are just to remind you about your software, they are not malware or any kind of virus, they are perfectly fine and don’t harm your computer.

One more fact about MyPcBackup is that some online websites offer software bundles including MyPCBackup to their users. In that case MyPCBackup get installed into your computer without your knowledge. The annoying pop-up start appearing on your screen and mostly people associate it with a malware or a kind of virus but your computer is totally fine and this is not the case in real.

The shocking Thing About MY PC Backup:

Well mostly the cooperate websites offer you “unlimited storage”. But in many cases it isn’t true. Mostly the sync space is limited to 2GB.  You can pay extra money to get 5GB, but still it is not “unlimited”.

Well another shocking truth about cooperate websites offering MyPCBackup is that the customers testimonials on their websites are all fake. They even don’t change the customer’s name on each websites. So one needs to be very careful while buying MyPCBackup from any cooperate website. I would recommend you to buy it from the official site.

Is My PC Backup a good choice or Not?

MyPCBack up is the best choice for the personal users. It does everything according to the user expectations, stores your data and information without any loss and with full security. Here is the recap of features of My PC Backup

1. Automated.

2. Reasonable price.

3. Easy to use.

4. Ability to back up exe files.

5. It can access files from internet connected computers or laptops.

6. File sharing

7. Unlimited file versions.

8. Unlimited file storage.


MyPCBackup is a very good option for the offices having few numbers of computers and limited data. But if you have a large cooperation environment with unlimited amount of data then MyPcBackup isn’t that good solution for you. You have to look for more appropriate option. In short If you are looking for an online backup solution which is user friendly and backs up your files reliably as well, MyPCBackup is very good option.

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