Microphone issue causes “Hey Cortana” feature to be removed

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Certain issues with Hey Cortana feature of Cortana app has remained the part of discussions from the past few days. Well, the problem has resulted in the removal of that specific (Hey Cortana) feature from the Cortana app of Android in U.S market. The issue that was reported repeatedly by the users was regarding the microphone. As the “Hey Cortana” feature enabled you to get Cortana driven results by just speaking to your phone this could actually mess with your phone’s microphone. Due to this issue, unusable phone calls could be made. The root cause of the issue is said to be with some incompatibility with the feature of Google now i.e. “OK Google.”

The updated version of Cortana app is now consists on the following main changes:

  1. Stability improved in app.
  2. Advancement in text and call features.
  3. “Hey Cortana” feature detached for US market.

We hope that Cortana app will be soon back on Android with its ultimate exclusive features that make it most popular among others.

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