How to Make Android Voice Search Even Better

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Android voice search allows you to do tons of useful stuffs. You can perform different functions like searching anything on Google, Searching for a particular word from your message history and many more. But usually when it comes to hardware control voice search is limited. Surprising a 16 year old little developer he introduces a little hack that adds a potent range to the Google voice command system. It is known as Commander and it is totally free. Commander is something you want to add on your every android device.

Once you are done with installing commander in your device it will work very actively. Even most of the times you will forget the fact that you are even using it. So now what exactly commander will do for you? Once you are done with installing app you can perform following different function to your phone via regular voice search system.

• Flashlight on or off
• WiFi on or off
• Bluetooth on or off
• Read unread SMS
• Pause music
• Resume music
• Next song
• Previous song
• Playlist or name of Google Play Music playlist

If you are ambitious you can also use commander with Tasker. Tasker is a separate app that allows some robust type of custom task performing. If you are feeling more ambitious you can also use another app known as Auto voice. It integrates with Tasker and provides more advance possibilities.

The best thing about Commander is that it will work out of the box with very little effort. The app will start functioning after listening to your voice command and something you approved during initial setup process. If you are not feeling comfortable with that permission, Commander can perform without this but it will then require additional phrase to be spoken before the command. Me and many of my friends are using this app from couple of weeks and it is doing its work very perfectly. It also received updates regularly that have improved it functionality in a quite better way.

Alright one more best and interesting news for its users is that the developer promises that this is just a beginning and he is working on adding a more accurate host to the voice command. Including the one that will enable you to turn on and off WiFi hotspot. Moreover this host will make it enabled to read aloud your unread messages from your Gmail inbox.

This is what actually we call android power. Such kind of application makes android using a fun activity. You can also install it in your android devices and hope it will meet your requirements.

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