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As you guys know that 21st century is an era of innovations. Every other day we came to know about new entry in technology. Same is the case with Smartphone. Every next day we came to know about new smart phone and thousands of new Apps. Hence in this era the race of App is so fast and everyone is trying to compete it. People want App according to their changing need. No doubt App making procedure is difficult and expensive too. But here in the article I am going to solve your problem by simply telling you About Appy Pie.


appy pie

Appy pie is the new entry in the App development industry. It was introduced in India in the year 2013 and gain popularity all over the country. The developer of Appy pie believes that, it will make app development as easy as eating a slice of Apple. Appy pie offers its users a number of built in templates for usage, like restaurants templates, hospital templates and etc. It also provide support from Amazon cloud and surely is the best option for the people who are planning to own the app development risk.  Following are the Pros and cons of Appy pie. Have a look on them.


Ease of use:

Appy pie offers a user friendly interface enabling you to design your own professional App in seconds. It easy and simple interface offers few buttons and clicks that are easily understandable even if you are using this App for the very first time. Moreover Appy pie supports Android, Windows and iOS system to create and publish customizable mobile Apps.  It supports 26 different languages including Chinese, Dutch, English German, Italian, Japanese and more.


The best thing about Appy pie is that, it has its own private market place. It means that it is going to publish your app without any extra charges on their own market place. Hence giving popularity to your App.


Appy pie starts its pricing plan from$7.00. You need to subscribe the plan suitable to your requirements. By using Appy pie you can develop your very own business and can develop Apps for your customers.



Not Stable Version:

One of the drawbacks of Appy pie is that it is still in beta phase. So you might suffer from different viruses and bugs.

 No Support For App store:

Appy pie do not provides any support for App store or play store. Once you are done with development of your App you need to submit it manually.


Since Appy pie is the new App in the market it do not still have the option of user reviews.


Currently Appy pie is the most famous and affordable App for the people who want to develop their own professional looking Apps. It comes with hundreds of extra ordinary features that are requirement of a classy and cool App. So I am highly recommending Appy pie for new as well experienced customers. Yes on more thing if you are scared about your money and do not want to risk your $7.00 there is free version of Appy pie too. Avail the free version and decide whether you are satisfied with it or not.

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