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Livedrive is very sparkling backup service and is known for its unlimited cloud storage amount. This company is backed by Andrew Michael. Customers can backup each and every file on their computer without any tension of minimum limits. Their rate is $5/month which provides you with unlimited backup space. Livedrive also includes many other products like Pro and Cloud synchronization. You can have unlimited storage for at least five computers at the rate of $5 per month. If customers make perfect use of it then it will be a super and fantastic value for your large investment. Livedrive also provides free trial of fourteen days for almost all of its products.

As we are talking about LiveDrive review, there are so many plus points which come in our mind regarding it such as:

  • Desktop of Livedrive allows its users complete and fast access to all the files. Users can also drag and drop different files to Livedrive directly. If a user has multiple computer systems then he should not worry about this at all because he/she can install Livedrive in order to manage same files from different computers.
  • Backup of Livedrive is limited to only one computer at very cheap and affordable rates. Its backup does not allow you to sync files so for this purpose users have to upgrade standard Livedrive to Livedrive briefcase. Users can have 2 TB of storage with Livedrive Briefcase.
  • Livedrive briefcase is used in order to sync different files. Once its installation is done, synchronization automatically starts. It is also helpful in having a copy of all useful and important files, whether the user is in the office or in home.
  • It is also concerned with full proof privacy and security. Users can have complete support and help from their service center. If you have any question or problem regarding its service then you can contact them at any time for sure.
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