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JustCloud is a cloud storage company based in the UK, in Hampshire. The firm has become one of the most popular on-line backup service provider. Why, how? The answer is simple. They offer the unbeatable price and a variety of features along with good support. Being one of the fastest growing companies, JustCloud really strives to boost up your sales and they know it can only be done successfully with a reliable product and an attractive price tag. And guess what? They deliver both of these criteria without doubt.

Moreover, it offers an easy layout for you to install and quickly get started with online storage service. The desktop client, web-based control panel and mobile applications all work in perfect harmony, with drag-and-drop syncing that makes all of your files, on multiple devices, accessible.

The desktop client and storage applications provide easy-to-read alternatives to choose from with information. Therefore, you know exactly what you have stored, when, on what devices and how much data storage space you are left with. Even though it claims to provide unlimited file storage space on its website, according to the terms of service, if you exceed 500GB in a short period of time, the firm possesses the right to terminate your service. This is a critical issue to account for if you have more than 500GB to back up.

Justcloud provides a rich variety of product features that not only makes cloud storage easy but also effective. You can create automatic backups. This means that the service automatically saves any changes you make to the backed-up files and new files are added to any backed-up folder. This ensures protection all the more so that all your data is safe and secure even between scheduled backups.

In addition to the above, you can keep your upload bandwidth within a certain level so you do not surpass the confines of restrictions set by your ISP. There are convenience features provided by the firm as well, such as file versioning enables you to restore previous versions of your files in case you mistakenly delete the latest version. Hence, the service helps to keep a detailed history of all your actions.

Justcloud’s cloud storage service starts from $5.61/month. However, you can also get your free trial now.

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