How To Rotate A Video In VLC And Save It

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rotate a video in vlc

Many people search on google and ask in different forums that how to rotate a video in vlchow to rotate and save a video in VLC and etc If you are also looking for the same thing (Ofcourse you are), then this guide will help you rotating your video.

Maybe you have captured a video in your cell phone or camcorder and when you want to play it in your computer (PC), you see it is rotated 90 degrees. In this case, what most people do is they flip their monitors to watch the video. But instead flipping your monitor, you had better go with an easier option and that is rotating your video.

In this post we will show you How To Rotate A Video In VLC And Save It. So first you will learn how to rotate a video in VLC then we will learn how to save your rotated vodeo using VLC.

How to Rotate A Video In VLC

Follow the step by step guide to rotate a video in VLC Media Player.

  • Download and install VLC media play from here
  • Open the Player once you have installed it.
  • Open your video that you want to rotate by clicking  “Media >> “Open File…“(Or Press Ctrl+O)
  • After you have opened your video, go to “Tools >> “Effects and Filters“(Or Press Ctrl+E)
VLC media player tools
  • You will see a new pop-up window. Choose “Video Effects” tab from this here.
Video Effects in VLC
  • Switch to the “Geometry” tab from “Video Effects” tab.
Geometry in VLC
  • Click the “Rotate” box to enable rotation. Now  click on rotating point and move it right or wrong untill you specify the angle in which you want to rotate. Then click “Close
rotate video in vlc

Now you can play the rotated video in VLC in your specified angle. But if you want to save the video and play it in any other player then keep on reading.

How to Save A Video In VLC

  •  Go to “Tools” >> Preferences” (Or press Ctrl+P).
VLC tools
  • A new window appears, click “Show All Settings” from the bottom of the left side.
Simple preferences VLC
  • Expand “Stream OutPut” the expand “Sout stream” and then click Transcode. And from the right side, under “Video Filter“, select “Video Transformation Filter“. Then click “Save” to save your settings.
transcode stream output
  •  Click on “Media” >> “Convert / Save“.
conver save in vlc
  • Under file selection, click on “Add…” to add your video that you want to rotate and save. And click “Convert” from the drop down at the right of Convert/Save.
convert in vlc
  • A new convert window appears, Click browse and choose your destination folder (e.g. “Desktop”) and give file name  (e.g. “Converted video”).
  • Now press “Start” to start the conversion. It may take few minutes to convert your video (Time depends on video size).

Once the conversion process is completed, you can play your rotated video in any player you like.

You can find your rotated video on the destination folder you selected.

This is how to rotate a video in VLC.

P.S: You may see all the videos rotated after you rotate a video. To avoid this, you have to reset your VLC media player to it’s default setting by going to “Tools” >> “Preferences” and press the “Reset Preferences” button at the bottom side of Preferences window.

Hope this helps. If you have any question on how to rotate a video in vlc and save itor you are still getting some problems converting your video, let me know in the comment below.

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