How To Fix Your Phone When It Wont Charge Properly

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Whenever you decide to buy a smart cell phone, you are concerned with battery timings the most. Because most of the tasks your cell phone is going to perform use data network or WiFi thus consumes more battery. There are number of reasons if the phone is not being charged properly. May be its because of defect in charger, or in connecting wire or may be the charging port is defected and resulting in less or no charging. Here in this article we are going to tell you some steps to to fix the phone that doesn’t charge properly.


Following are some of the ways that may help you to get rid of charging problems. Let’s have a look.

Fix USB Port

This is the most common issue in phone charging. Most of the times you are using micro USB cable for charging. It will show you some errors thus resulting in no charging. You have to fix this issue by yourself. What you actually need to do is turn off your device and take a small and thick thing like toothpick and lever up the black tab in your device. Now turn on the device again and connect it with charging cable again. Hope it will be working properly now.

Replace Charging Cables

This is second best option if your phone is not charging properly. Replace your charging cables because we use them every day for changing and we have no idea may be they are damaged or broken from inside. We bend them a number of times. So replacing your charging cable may help you to sort your charging problem.

Clean up ports

Before you are going to put your phone on charging check your ports properly. This is why because most of times we put our phones in pockets or bags so a piece of thread or tissue may enter into the port and result in poor or no charging. This may have very bad effect on your smart phone, sometimes it results in exploding of battery. So check your phone properly before putting it up on charging.

Replace Battery

Replacing battery is another very good option. But before doing that make sure that you have done with every possible option like disable motion, set brightness low, use different battery saving apps and etc. If you are done with every possible solution now go for battery changing option. If there is problem with battery it will be sort out by using new battery. If you have removable battery then carefully check it might be leaking. If you do not have removable battery phone, place your device on the plain surface and spin it rapidly. If it is spinning the battery is bulging replace it now.

Don’t Charge Your Smartphone with System

Avoid charging your phone from Desktop, PC’s or laptop. We will suggest you to use wall charger for your phone because it is always fast and long lasting as compared to Desktop and laptop.

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