How Instagram Captions Can Increase Your Following

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Instagram is now officially the leading visual representation social platform around the globe. Millions of visual learners, illustrators, celebrities, brands, and small businesses share more than 95 million photos each day. The race for the most awesome, jaw-dropping, and eye-candy photos is always on in Instagram.  However, the caption of these pictures is equally (and sometimes more) an important tool for user engagement. In this topic, we will discuss in detail how to use captions and some amazing Instagram caption ideas.  

Rules for Captioning on Instagram

Before we discuss how the captions can rocket engagements and ultimately followership let see the rules of captioning your content in IG:

  • Defined character limit is of 2,200
  • Captions can include emojis
  • Maximum usage of 30 hashtags. 

Why Captioning impressively can be So Important?

Most of the accounts on Instagram focus on the photos and the captions only come second. Captions, however, can play a major role in engagement, they complete your point of view and give the photo the vibe you have in mind. Captions are seen as a part of your post and story.

Mentioning other relative pages, brands, other popular figures, and there quoted to get more weight to your captions.

Engagement Means Followership

Engagement is one of the factors that the Instagram algorithm considers when arranging a user’s feed. The other factors can be interest, relationship, and off course timeliness. User engagement can ultimately increase conversations, reacts, shares, and more posts (in favor or opposition). 

Engagement of 4 to 6% means you are doing fine but less than that means you need to tweak your style and way of managing your account. As soon as you cross the threshold of 6% engagement, your profile rating (maintained by the algo) at the back end shoots.

Remember that a pretty photo can extract a user’s like, a cute one can get a heart icon click, but a good caption can receive comments. It can encourage people to share it and maybe start a discussion involving many other users. Thus receiving bio-clicks and ultimately following.  

Ideal Instagram Caption Length

People scroll through their Insta feed at an energetic pace. This means that your caption must be of the appropriate length that synchronized with the scroll speed of average users. 

Experts of this field recommend a caption length of 120 characters or less. Concise and meaningful captions are best to achieve get your user attention

Remember the only the first three lines of your post is visible to the users. To read bigger captions one will have to click ‘more’. Some successful Instagram account managers advice to avoid this as it can be a turn off for hasty followers and they might just ignore the post altogether.

Witty& Humorous Captions with Emojis

More than half of the good Instagram captions are funny and informal. If your captions put a smile on the reader’s face then the caption has done its job well. Please be careful that even if you are criticizing or using satire in the caption, it must not be offensive to anyone. 

A strong emojis game can help you with your caption writing. Emojis have the power of transmitting a certain message and vibe instantly. Use them but not overuse them to improve your captions.

Captions Calling for Action

You can use captions to ask a question or click a short and crispy link (like a shortened link). This can involve tagging other instagram followers as well. The link can be for a profile, a brand or even to a shopping site featuring your product. 

The whole point is to get attention and make the users spend more time on your post. By doing this you can not only complement your original post but also engage the audience with your caption.

You can start a quiz, a game or even a challenge asking for user input.  User-generated content is another way of ranking high in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm. You can also incentivize it by promising a shout out or giveaways if you are a small business. 

Utilize Hashtags in Your Captions

One of the simplest ways to increase engagement and viewership is the use of appropriate hashtags. A fitting and apt Hashtag can sometimes be so powerful and trendy that the caption consists entirely of just the hashtag. 

You can also coin your custom hashtag specific to you or your business. Use this hashtag in your post’s caption to increase recognition and make you more searchable. 

It is worth mentioning that the copywriting must be immaculate. All the rules of writing apply here as well like grammar, punctuation, and use of verbs, etc. Try putting the critical information first to give the reader what it wants to read first.

Writing effective and persuasive captions is an art. If you use the above-mentioned techniques and keeping in mind the importance of it, you can certainly increase your post’s impact and ultimately increase your following. 

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