FAA Releases an App to Check for Restrictions in the Area Where You Want to Fly Your UAS

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Federal Aviation Administration has released an app called B4UFLY, that will help users get current and upcoming restrictions and requirements to fly their drones or any unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in any area where they want to operate.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Michael Peter Huerta, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration said, “We expect B4UFLY will help raise public awareness about what it means to operate unmanned aircraft safely,” He further added, “It is another important part of our education and awareness efforts to foster a culture of safety and accountability for the UAS community.”.

By using the B4UFLY  app, you can get to know if it is safe to fly at your current location, within two taps. The app provides four status indicator that tells users the following:

  • Proceed with Caution.
  • Warning – Action Required.
  • Flight Prohibited.

App Features:

  • The status indicator that informs whether it is safe to fly at the current location or not.

B4UFLY warning status

  • Information on the parameters that drive the status indicator
  • Planner Mode that will help you plan flights on different locations and times. And will inform you if it is safe to fly there at that time.

B4UFLY flight planner

  • Maps with filtering options.

B4UFLY map

  • Have links to other resources regarding FAA UAS and regulatory information.

The app is now available Apple devices to be downloaded from the app store. And for the Android they are releasing a beta version of B4UFLY that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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