A Drone May One Day Deliver Your Selfies to Twitter

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“Drone Selfies” might sound new to you.

Meanings and uses of things are also changing with the passage of time. Similar case is taking place with drones; they might play a bigger and better role in the near future.

Well, there is a lot more interesting things about to happen with Twitter users. Apart from tweeting, they will one day be able to control the movements of drones; as exclusive rights have been taken by twitter for an unmanned aerial vehicle last week.

Soon your selfies with drones will also be accessed by Twitter. The social media accounts of users will be introducing more fascinating factors with the approval of an aerial vehicle where they will be able to post their exclusive photos and videos with their friends and families. The drone’s movements would be controlled by the likes, tweets and replies, determining what images were recorded by the users of Twitter.

Further details and plans are not given by the company regarding the device except the two words that is “Drone Selfies”. The streaming of videos exclusively will be achieved with the help of “Periscope.”

FAA (Federal Aviation Administrator) has reportedly said that about 400,000 drones in the holiday season are expected to purchased. Due to the rapid increase in the usage of drones, FAA has planned to exert its services for the commercial use also. In the near future it is expected that drones will fly in daylight hours too.

By 2017 Google is planning to start the drone services where as quick deliveries to customers with an exclusive prototype Drone is expected to be proposed by Amazon. Walmart is looking forward to deliver merchandise from its own tested drones.

However, no promising note is provided by Twitter regarding the usage of technology, in the patent. In fact, FAA recommended not to adopt more radical drone ideas like Twitter’s. On Monday, the FAA began requiring consumers to register their drones and it will report exclusive rules for the interested pilots of drones.

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