45K+ Have Registered Their Drones in The First 2 Days & Now The Registration Has Temporarily Been Suspended

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The massive registration has left everyone astonished and amazed as 45,000 people has already registered themselves since Monday afternoon.

As per the report, registration before February 19th 2016, is being made compulsory for those owners who previously operated an unmanned aircraft exclusively as a model aircraft prior to December 21, 2015. Where as the validity of registration is 3 years.

You may also see some of the owners who are using the model aircraft as their hobby and not for the work purpose. They are allowed to use the previous identification number UAS.

However, Due to the occasion of Christmas, rush of people has increased which created certain maintenance issues in the small online registration of UAS (Unnamed Aircraft System). As majority of the people has already succeeded in registration, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the help of CSRA ( contractor) to resolve these issues as soon as possible so UAS will be available for the people.

The temporary suspension will be from 9 pm of Wednesday till 6 a.m. of Thursday. Weights of Aircraft that are in between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds are being required by Federal Aviation Administration.
As the safety and security is compulsory for an aircraft, the registrations will aware people of the basic safety precautions in the National Airspace system. In case of an incident, ownership of an aircraft will also be traced by FAA.

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