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The Consumer Technology Association has set a new trend for the celebration of the New Year. The beginning of the 2016 will be celebrated by becoming electronically advanced. CES has brought a technical showcase in Las Vegas, this week. The long awaited and the biggest conference will be held from Wednesday 6th January till Saturday 9th January.

Technology has changed the world in a way that the people have never thought about. The invention of mobile devices, televisions, automobiles and then the enhanced versions of these electronic and technical devices have changed the dynamics of today`s world. Hence, it is crucially significant for an individual to become technically developed and well-equipped to be on the same page as the world.

CES 2016 will be a different experience for technology-lovers. The big names in technology are in the town that will show the demonstrations of their newly launched products and they will also be available for you to buy them.

“Every CES is fresh and different, and we try to see what the future will bring,” Gary Shapiro (Organizer). He further said,”What I’ve learned is that sometimes the companies themselves don’t even know if they’re going to get their product finished in time.”

CES has always given a chance to those technology-lovers and the organizations who deal with technology to meet each other. Many big products have been showcased in the previous CES including VHS recorders, HD TVs, the Xbox games console and Blu-ray discs. It is also said that many big names are going to participate this time in the CES 2016 to showcase their newly launched products.

“Say goodbye to cool, say hello to practical,” explains John Curran from the consultancy Accenture.

The area that will be covered in CES 2016 will be 2.4 million sq ft (223,000 sq m) of exhibition space, up from 2.2 million sq ft last year.

Cars Will Lead The Show Again

CES 2016 – Where Innovation Does Business, will introduce people to a new way of spending life with technology. The cars will take the lead in the show due to the high technology which is not familiar to many people. The makers of the automobiles have considered CES to launch their new and innovated products. The production version of Chevy Bolt, the first electric car with reasonable price by General Motors, will be showed to the audience. Faraday Future has said to reveal their new “concept” which would change the dimensions of mobility and the manufacturing of the automobiles. They will also announce the building of a new factory near Las Vegas along with the billionaire Jia Yueting, from China. Volkswagen has a new concept to showcase the product. It is believed that Volkswagen will display its electric concept of the Microbus. Then Ford’s boss, Mark Fields will be there in the showcase who is going to manufacture autonomous cars with Google. However, it is not yet conformed that whether he is going to discuss is in the conference or not. And your all times favorites BMW and Audi will also be at the showcase. The BMW is going to show you the future of its cars which will include a new controlling system called AirTouch. “BMW is about to show a radical new touchscreen interface at #CES”, Tweeted by The Verge. Toyota will be showing off a new road imagining system that will let self-driving cars in keeping their maps up to date. “There’ll also be more than 100 smaller auto tech companies,” adds Accenture’s John Curran

Television Technology: The Talk Of The Show

The smart, slim, peelable and bendable television is the second most used technology. Technology-lovers cannot just compromise on it and requires high-tech devices around them including the television in their room. The televisions will be the talk of the show, CES 2016, because Samsung, LG, and Android TV will be there. “Samsung to turn your largest screen, the TV into a hub for the entire home”, posted on Twitter by Nitya PN. The 4K and 8K TV models will be at the showcase which will go beyond the resolution this time by discussing the HDR, Dolby Vision, and other visual things. Samsung and LG both have already announced the launching of an ultra-thin prototype television that you can peel off from your wall. You will get the chance to see the products of both the companies in front of you and decide which one has more and better features. It will help you in making the buying decision as well.

Moving Towards The Smart World

After smart cars, smart TVs, smart phones, comes the smarthome stuffs, the world is moving towards smartness! The dream of a home with smart stuffs everywhere is not a dream now. The CES 2016 will prove you that you can also move towards smartness and have smart equipments around you, more integrated than ever. Apple, Google, Samsung, and Intel will be there to share the advancements they have made and the evolution of technology in the near future. They will make sure that there will be a time when the things around you will speak the same language, may be after 10 years.

Samsung and LG are once again in competition here as well. It is evident from the fact that Samsung has announced to make its Smart TVs double as command-and-control “smart hubs”, whereas LG has already talked about the launch of the SmartThinQ Hub – a cylindrical device that does much the same thing. After attending CES 2016, most of the females will be relived. It is because the developer of iMovie for Apple will be unveiling Marathon, a washing and drying machine. You can keep the clothes in the machine until the real owner comes for them. Invoxia will take care of your kitchen with Triby- a kitchen related product. Other than that, you will also see products like showerheads, a device through which you can control gas fireplaces with you phone, and a vibrating sofa.

Wearable Device Hawkers

Last year we experienced smart wearables like Apple Watch. “We could see a revision of Fitbit devices and software to better track stress via heart rate variability and skin temperature, along with software that offers coaching for better sleep and stress management,” predicts Charles Anderson from the investment bank Dougherty & Company, “We also expect to see Fitbit in more pacts with fashion brands”. On the other hand, Misfit will also be there which was taken over by the watch expert Fossil and you will be seeing the results of their merger. Unlike 2015, CES 2016 is giving a chance to see the “me too” products. There will be sensors in each and every wearable which will pop up when required or as set by you. The best part is that female-oriented products will also be available which will be new for most of the audience. As quoted by CCS Insight’s Ben Wood “There’s been a very male bias to wearable tech but you’re going to see what I call the jewellification of this stuff”. Moreover, you will also see glasses which will look ordinary to most of the people but they could be found by a Smartphone app. So, now you don’t have to worry about your glasses because the technology will take care of it. Digitsloe has brought less time consuming shoes that tie up their laces by themselves so, you do not have to waste time in doing that.

The Drone Camera

The action camera-maker GoPro, has predicted that they are going to launch Karma, a drone camera, in 2016. The camera will be able to cover the 360-degree view and will be a high-tech camera, different form ordinary ones. Instead of holding a selfiestick with you and find a good positing to have a nice selfie, you will be using your drone camera to take one. Not only selfies, drone camera will help in capturing pictures for professional use or to take pictures of a location where you cannot go physically. You will, indeed, be meeting the future in CES-2016.

Electric Rideables

2015 was a big year for electric rideables and you rode hoverboards, electric skateboards, and others. To know exactly how the eclectric rideables of 2016 will be, you will have to visit CES and experience them by yourself. But for your curiosity, it is said that CES has banned hoverboards and there will be rides with electric motors attached to their wheels. There will be Arcimoto, Inboard, Segway, and others to show you the electric rideables of the future.

Virtual Reality Is A Reality Now

HTC’s Vive Virtual Reality headset, created in collaboration with video games form Valve, was supposed to be in the market by now. However, HTC did not bring it to the market because, according to them, they were making it technologically step forward. It is still not sure that are they wireless or a different technology is used, but you will definitely get the answer in the CES 2016. Sony will also be there to give you more details regarding PlayStation Virtual Reality 2016.

Your New Friend: Robot
Robots have now made their place in today`s world and you must have seen some of them in 2015 as well. CES will show you two new droids from France- the Buddy Companion Bot and Leka, a robotic machine to help children with development disorder. Flower Robotics Platina droid, from Japan, will also be there to show you how to bring beauty to the gardens and the fields. Most importantly, Cynthia Breazeal, the Chief of the project “Social-Robot”, will also be there to provide you update regarding this technology.

Be Healthy, Be Beautiful

CES is not only about technology for gadgets but there you will also see how technology is used to enhance beauty and health. After the huge success of Makeup Genius app of L’Oreal in 2015, it is back again with a new mystery product this time. Romy will be there with a device or “Mix your own moisturizer” machine that custom-mixes skincare ingredients to suit an individual during different times of a day. Those who have to sit long hours in front of computers and are worried about the dark circles, you can also come to CES 2016 because UK’s Amirose have an incredible product for you. They have brought with them special cucumber-enhanced eye pads to comfort your eyes. Athletes may also visit CES 2016 because Ceracor has especially brought for them the sensor which measures the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This device will help them in enhancing and increasing their stamina and the toleration. For those who are on diet or those who are trying to fight obesity may attend the conference to know how does Chisel, by Skulpt, measures body fat and muscle quality to help you live a healthy life. Parents now do not have to worry about the eyesight of their children who never want to leave their iPad and iPhone because in CES, they will see that EyeForcer glasses are the best solutions to their problem.

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