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Best online backup service 2015 – There is a long list of online backup services but some are at the top of the list. In this post we have best online backup reviews 2015. According to the latest ranking following are the list of top five online backup servicesof 2015.

MyPCBackup – Best online backup service 2015

MyPCBackup is on top with number one position. Their online backup service allows the users to sync with unlimited devices and multiple computers with only one account. And 100% automated software is provided by them along with anytime money back guarantee. It is considered to be compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and many other smart devices. MyPCBackup is the best online backup 2015.


  • They provide a kind of clever sync folder in order to sync files between multiple computers. There is absolutely no need for the slow transfer of files.
  •  Along with the backing up of customer’s PC, laptops and Mac, they can also offer online backup of Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and many other devices.
  •  Privacy and security of our data is taken by MyPCBackup.

Carbonite Backup

This online backup service is on second number. You can easily find their business plans. Their plan is compatible with Mac, Windows and many other devices. Only one computer is included in their price.


  • Automatic backup is provided by this service. Whenever the customer’s computer is connected to internet, it starts backing up new files. In this way there is no need to remember backup.
  • You can easily recover your lost or deleted files with the help of this backup service.
  • It also offers top notch security to keep your files secure and safe.

CrashPlan Backup Service

It is another best online backup service of 2015. On their premium product, they offer longest free trial. One computer can be backed up in their pricing.

SOS Online Backup

Another best online backup service 2015. It offers unlimited space. It is compatible with Mac and PC. Unlimited backup for all other smart phones is also included in its plans. Its business plans are available for $99.99 per year.


  • It is automatic backup
  • Easy setup is provided
  • Has incremental backup
  • No limit for file size.
  • Provides help and support.

iDrive Online Backup

iDrive’s online backup service provides unlimited space as it includes one thousand GB along with its Pro Personal plan. Macs, PCs and all other devices can be backed up with only one backup account.


  • Universal online backup is provided by this service.
  • Quick retrieval and backup of the data in less than seven days via physical storage is offered.
  • Secure storage for all important files with speedy restores and backups.
  • Privacy is provided.
  • Your folders and all important files are synced in real time.
  • Fastest transfer of files.
  • Real time backup is provided
  • You can share any file at any time. Files can be synced from connected devices.
  • You can easily manage backup set along with its schedule.
  • Backup of pictures and videos uploaded on Facebook is offered.
  • Same feature is also offered with instagram.
  • Data can easily be retrieved within 30 days time.
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