8 Best Epilators for Women 2017

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Before mentioning best epilators list, I would love to define epilators and their best uses. Probably everyone must know about epilators but here is my duty to define with head to toe. Let’s find out what is new for you and what is more useful..

What are epilators?

Epilators are the electronic devices which have been made to remove hair mechanically from the skin. They are usually small and can be easily carried out anywhere with you. They can help whenever you feel hurry and want to get clear arm pits, upper lips, clean eye bros and even for whole smooth body without hairy touch.

What Epilators are for?

Epilators are small handy devices which have been made especially for girls. These handy machines are useful for hair removal from skin. They worked same as waxing do, but in case of epilators, they are less painful and can remove hairs without pulling hair cells of the epidermis from epithelial layer of skin.

Impressiveness of Epilators:

So here is the headline where we will discuss that what are the impressive features an epilator contain? Surely above mentioned points are exposing its main features but here are some other points too that must be liken by you.

1- Less painful:

As above I said epilators work just like waxing do. However the big difference between both is the frequency of feeling pain. Waxing gives more pain than the epilators.

However for the users who are using epilators for the first time, I must say, that you should keep calm because epilators pain can be itchy. But later on you will feel less or no pain at all.

2- Help you out in your rush timings:

Another big difference is that epilators are handy devices and can help you out in your rush timings, but on the other side when we talk about waxing, we are more familiar with its usage and time consuming conditions. So in this case epilators are more friendly than waxing.

3- Non-messy and non-sticky method:

Later on, there is a third important variation in epilators is that they are non-messy machines as compared to waxing method of hair removal. Epilators won’t let you feel sticky which usually a person can feel after waxing.

4- Long term saving:

An epilator is not free of cost but by getting this device you will feel yourself free from weekly or monthly waxing charges. One time up-front investment is better than weekly small scale investment.

5- Friendly with your skin:

Epilators are skin friendly so that can cannot harm you in a way other hair removing methods can. Epilators are specially designed for removal of hair cells without creating rash or redness. They also help to reduce risk of razor burns and cutting injuries. However on the other side, waxing can pull out the layer of epidermis along with hair. This would be more painful than epilator’s technique.

6- Pouch stuff:

As you know epilators are handy, so you can easily carry it with yourself anywhere. College going teenagers must like this for its size and free style.

So are you searching for more after this? Don’t you worry just read ahead!

Epilators are best for hair removal of sensitive areas:

Alright, above mentioned features are just normal. But when we talk about sensitive areas, any female will agree on this, that waxing or tweezing techniques are not suitable for them. We must use some sort of easy going and less painful method for hair removing of our sensitive areas such as arm pits and under legs. For this purpose epilators are one of the very best techniques by which we can easily remove hairy layer without hurting ourselves. Furthermore for this reason epilators are provided by an electric razor attachment which will surely ease your problem without giving you much irritation for your sensitive regions.

Now according to me these factors are enough to turn your good opinion towards the epilators. Isn’t it yet? Alright then read ahead!

List of best Epilators 2017:

Here I am enlisting top 8 epilators which are considerably good with reasonable prices and high ratings from its users. This will help you in finding the best device which is suiting you more according to your budget as well as on your demands.

Check out the recent views of customers for:

1- Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet and Dry (Best Epilator 2017)

Braun company is the one yet who is making the best epilators so far. You all are familiar with the products and quality of the products of this company. So this time they came up with some very elegant and reliable products which they termed as “Braun Silk-épil Wet and Dry. As the name silk, this epilator is actually similar to silk smoothness. So far in the category of best epilators, Braun silk is performing beyond best roles to please their customers.

Best Features:

1- Its best features cover its manipulation to detach even the shortest and finest hair follicle without any forceful effort, i.e. less than 0.5mm.

2- Another very mind catching feature of Braun silk-epil 9 wet and dry is apparent by its name. Yes wet and dry technique. You can use this device even in wet conditions as well as in dry. This provides you maximum gentleness and consolation. Health expert advices says, epilation works better if there is a good circulation of blood under skin, for this purpose wet feature will surely allow you to sit in warm water bathtub to sooth yourself.

3- It has dual speed technique. This feature can let you set the speed of your epilator. For instance, they are provided by two speed frequencies, 1 for gentle touch and 2 for high frequency touch.

4- Braun silk 9 comes with pre-epilation wipes that provides your skin a gentle preparation before starting your epilation. These wipes are hard to find with any other epilators available in markets of other brands.

5- Its Soft Lift feature also makes it unique which can even lift the flat flying hair and remove them very easily.

6- Next feature provided by this device is its Close Grip technology, which offers the finest removal of hair by more than 40 tweezers delivery. After this epilation, you will feel free for up to 4 weeks.

7- It comes with cordless technology along with rechargeable batteries for providing you more than 1 hour 40 minutes of use. This time duration is almost enough to epilate your whole body.

8- Lastly, it comprises with a high frequency massage system which gives you a pleasant and comforting feeling after every pluck of your hair layer.

Go for it, trust me you will love it.

2- Remington 7030

Remington’s latest product in the category of epilators is Remington 7030. It comes with very reasonable price and delivering you the best features with all of its accessories.  So time to note down its features:

Best Features:

1- Remington is similar to silk 9 and providing you a wet and dry feature. You are now familiar with what wet and dry feature is. So don’t bother in taking this device with you in your bathtub.

2- It has a massage cap which gives you a touch of aloe Vera. By this feature after every epilation, your skin will give you a gentle feeling without any rash or cuts.

3- Remington’s this device comes with pivoting head for better back and forward movement, not only this, but its head is washable so you can wash it for maintaining your hygiene.

4- It also has two speed frequencies which will let you set your epilator’s speed. Another best feature contains its Anti Slip Grip for smooth epilation.

5- Similar to Braun Silk 9 it also has a feature to lift shortest hair up to 0.5mm.

6- Approx 40 tweezers are provided in Remington 7030 which has No Slip Tweezers Technology for best epilation.

7- Lastly, it also providing you the best battery time more than 40 minutes of continuous use. Its charge timings are 1 hour.

Isn’t it sounds cool?

3- Epilady Legend 4th generation

A brand that has a trust worthy signature in providing best epilators for female use is Epilady. So don’t hesitate while buying epilators from this brand. They never disappoint their customers in the name of best epilators available in market. Let’s have some best features regarding to Epilady Legend 4rth Generation.

Best Features:

1- Removal for finest and shortest hair follicle outside the skin along with the hair root is significantly performed by Epilady Legend 4rth Generation.

2- It comes with broad, wide head for removing hair fast and ensures you for a clear, smooth skin.

3- They also are rechargeable epilators that don’t have a feature of wet and dry condition. So make sure your epilation process starts and ends in a wet place.

4- Similar to before mentioned epilators, it also has 40 tweezers which can tweeze up to 32,000 times in a minute.

5- Epilady Legend’s 4 is designed for a firm and non-slip hold so that you will feel easy while holding this elegant small device with its rubber touch.

6- Lastly, it also consists of speed manuals. This will help you to change epilator’s speed according to your requirement. Epilation with this machine will leave your skin hair free up to 4 weeks.

4- Philips HP6401 Satinelle

Having low budget? Don’t worry girls. Here is an amazing product which will surely fit in your budget list. Philips HP6401 Satinelle by Philips is a great epilator which comes with very reasonable price offers as well as with all the best features you are looking for. Read ahead for its super amazing attributes.

Best Features:

1- Philips Satinelle comes with two speed processor which is suitable for your all body parts. You can put your epilator on normal mode for sensitive areas and can set epilator’s speed on high frequency for non-sensitive areas such as legs.

2- It has not wet and dry feature but still it can remove your hair even smoother. Because it has exfoliation feature which will soothe your skin cells after the epilation and reduces any risks of redness or irritations.

3- It is a corded device so use it near to the socket in a dry place, as it can remove the shortness strand of 0.5mm.

4- For tricky areas epilation, Epilady Legend 4 is something perfect such as the back of the thighs. This is the region where usually epilation becomes so difficult. But the shape of the device will never let you feel irritated in this case specially.

5- Lasts with the most amazing feature of it, that it will never let you feel hairy before six weeks. So enjoy with flawless skin.

Go and get yours!

5- Braun SE7561 Silk- épil 7 Wet and Dry

Another Braun’s product is here for your appreciable notice. Braun Silk 7 is one of the gentlest devices in case of epilators. Try it without fear on your skin to get shinny flawless skin. I hope after reading its best qualities you will never wait more to buy this epilator.

Best Features:

1- Braun Silk 7 comes with beautiful 6 add on stuffs including Efficiency cap, Facial cap, trimmer cap, sensitive area cap, massage cap and shaver head.

2- Smart light is also attached with this device to assure you that there is no more hair follicle left that must be removed. In this way even your shortest hair will undergo epilation and you will get a smooth skin.

3- Sensitive area cap will give you a smooth effect while epilation on sensitive areas. This will protect your skin to pull while hair removing method.

4- Braun silk 7 is specially designed to remove hairs from areas like bikini lines, under arms and under legs. You will also feel that after using this, your new hair follicles are not growing that fast and not even growing from some regions as they are plucked out from the roots.

5- Enjoy 4 weeks of silky skin by using Silk 7 even in wet places with battery time of several hours.

What are you waiting for?

6-Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Emjoi Epi slim Epilator is actually a new model introduced by Emjoi with improved quality and improved epilation frequency. You will never search for more after getting familiar with the qualities of Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator. Let’s find out its uniqueness.

Best Features:

1- Emjoi is introducing Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator with its improved motor and for its powerful hair removing technique. It will cause less pain during epilation, hence proved its quality for improved epilation technique.

2- It is specially designed for delicate regions of your body. Thus while using this epilator on your most sensitive parts such as under arms and bikini line will not get much painful sensations.

3- It has approximately 9 tweezers attached with its head so that your hair removal will be done even from the roots and will prevent them to grow back in few days.

4- It is ideal for travel so make sure you have it in your handbag for emergency use, as it is a portable device.

5- It comes with 2 AA battery operated mechanism, so you will not have to worry about charging.

Great working epilator with some great price offers, isn’t it?

7- Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Another Emjoi product by best ever Emjoi brand is here in the list. You will never get yourself irritated by buying this brand’s epilator. Grip of Emjoi epilators are much more comfortable so make sure before buying any product, that it is comfortable in your hand. Read some significant reasons why you should buy Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator.

Best Features:

1- Up to 36 tweezers are here in Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator for providing you a better quality shave on each and every region of your need.

2- Its patent kind of tweezers is more obvious for providing you hair removal with less discomfort.

3- After doing Epilation once from Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator, you won’t feel hairy before 6 weeks.

4- They come with both, Cord and cordless formula. So you will not have to worry in taking it with you in your hand bag.

5- It is hypo Allergic and will prevent your skin to get any kind of allergy or redness after epilation, as it has massaging attachments that will leave a comfortable effect on your skin.

6- With Emoji Soft Caress, you will not have to worry more about your curves. You can easily get a smooth hairless skin even there, in just first use.

Rating of this epilator is 7 out of 10, so will you be 8th out of 10?

8- Emjoi eRase e60

In the list of top 8 epilators of 2017, here is another Emoji Product. We can’t close our list without adding this one. Emjoi eRase e60 is something you will love it. Don’t miss the description otherwise you will regret for what you will lose.

Best Features:

1- 60 tweezers! Yes 60 tweezers are attached in Emoji eRase e60 which will definitely give you the best ever epilation of the time.

2- Skin stretching technology is also available in this, which is done by dual opposed heads, assisting in smooth removal of hairs.

3- Having Dual Speed control by which you can control the speed on low of fast frequencies.

4-Erase Glide Technology is present in Emjoi eRase as its name. This will give you smooth and hairless skin within seconds by just moving the head of epilator in back and forth direction.

5- The best of all features is that, it can remove shortest hair up to 0.3mm from the root. So that you will no doubt ends up with the smooth epilation up to 6 weeks.

6- It comes with cord to operate it. So make sure you are doing it well and not in a mood of getting it with yourself during your travel times.

7- Color schemes available for Emjoi eRase e60 will let you fall in love with it. So go get yours!

All of the above listed epilators are 100% great for advancing your 2017 wonderfully. Before buying any epilator, must watch the above mentioned list for better decision. I hope this will perfectly guide you for getting the right one.

Tips for operating Epilators:

Lastly I am going to give you some tips to use epilators with their best.

1- You must ensure that your skin or area of epilation is completely dry. Moisture or water droplets may harm your skin during epilation.

2- For smoother touch, you must run your epilator’s head in upward direction. This means to epilate against the direction of hair layer. With some great tweezers, having dual opposing heads, you can even run the epilator back and forth.

3- For improving results of epilation before attending any kind of party or event. It is a good advice to epilate before a day. This will remove any kind of redness, if happened to your epilated area.

Have a happy Hairless time with some amazing new epilators and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us according to our above created top 8 list.

Thank You.

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