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Like men, women also grow hair on some particular parts of body. Every other day women are supposed to encounter different hair removal methods like waxing, threading, shaving and etc. I wish we could go back to the Stone Age, where we would be able to grow forest on our body and nobody will care. As we are entering into the modern societies the beauty consciousness is increasing in both genders. Women keep on trying different remedies for hair removal and to look more beautiful. Razors are being used since centuries to remove unwanted hair. But classic razors are bit difficult in use for ladies as they are unsafe for ladies skin and can cause some injury or rashes. On the other hand the safe alternative of classic razor is Electric shavers that are specially designed according women bodies and their skin.
Hundreds of electric shaves are available in the market and selecting one out if it is a quite difficult task. Every other brand claims that they have best electric shavers that can give you desired results. Here in the article below we have gathered few best women electric shavers for 2016. It is treat for you ladies, read the features of best electric shavers below and select that matches perfectly to your choice and requirements.

Name Dimensions Weight Our Rating Check Price
Conair Satiny Smooth Dual Foil 4 x 9 x 6 inches 12.8 ounces A+ check-price-on-amazon-button
Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver 4 x 5 x 9 inches 5.8 ounces A+ check-price-on-amazon-button
Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groomer 8.9 x 6.2 x 2.9 inches 9.6 ounces A check-price-on-amazon-button
Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver 5.2 x 2.6 x 7.8 inches 10.7 ounces A check-price-on-amazon-button
Clio Palmperfect Cordless Shaver for Women 1 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches 6.6 ounces B check-price-on-amazon-button

Conair Satiny Smooth Dual Foil – The Best Electric Shaver For Women

Conair Satiny Smooth Dual Foil 
The Conair Satiny smooth dual foil electric shaver is the best electric shaver for women having sensitive skin. Ladies who are conscious about their soft and smooth skin should go for Conair satiny smooth dual foil without any hesitation. Despite of the fact that it is very affordable it is also an excellent choice for the ladies who wanted to get rid of random classic razors. Conair satiny has a dual floating cutter that enables it to remove all the hair in one go. The shaver heads have the ability to set properly on every body part and to give a strong grip to even very fine hair. Conair satiny smooth dual foil electric shaver can be used under the water too. In addition to that it has proper cleaning accessories that keep the shaver clean and new forever. It comes with built in battery and is rechargeable. Go get your Conair satiny smooth dual foil now and make your life more easy and comfortable. It is available on Amazon for only $28.99.

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Panasonic ES2216PC

Panasonic ES2216Pc is one of the best electric shaver for women. It is rechargeable and can be used both as dry and with water. I am very sure about Panasonic that it will give you promising result and once you will be done with trimming your hair it will leave your skin soft, smooth and hair free. Don’t hesitate if you want to use this electric shaver under the shower or with water because it is water proof and can be easily use within the shower. Panasonic is not only light weight but it is portable as well. It has very sharp blades that enable you to remove all the hair in one go and gives you very soft, close and comfortable shave. In addition to that it also has he pop up trimmer that trims long hair and side burn very finely. It also has bikini attachments. Panasonic is rechargeable electric shaver with compact battery. After every recharge it will be giving you uninterruptable shave for 20 minutes.

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Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Electric shaver

Conair satiny is all in one ladies personal groomer that comes with different accessories ensuring the perfect shave. Conair satiny is one of the best and affordable electric shavers for ladies. The design of this electric razor includes the sharp blades and floating head that gives very fine shave and even trim the smaller body hair. This model is available with hair trimmer and five position comb. Conair satiny smooth ladies electric shaver comes with the stand that is also used for its recharging. Yes it is rechargeable electric shaver. Its waterproof design will enable you to use this electric shaver even under the shower. Moreover you can always use it on dry skin as well. The affordable price of Conair satiny will make you buy this electric shaver now.

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Braun Silk Epil Female Lady Shaver

How’s that possible to not include the name of Braun series in the list of best electric shaver for men and women? Braun silk Epil is very known electric shaver. It includes all the qualities that one reliable electric shaver should have. Inspite of the fact that it is an excellent electric shaver for women, it comes under very affordable price tag. The simple design of Braun silk Epil includes one floated head trimmer that removes hair without any pain and leave the skin soft, smooth and shinny. The floated head trimmer has the ability to the grip the smaller hair and to remove them without causing any injury. The packages include three accessories, bikini trimmer, shaver and exploitation. It has two AA batteries and is rechargeable with excellent battery timing. Braun silk Epil is the electric shaver that can be used on both wet and dry skin. What are you waiting for ladies? Go get your Braun silk Epil now and enjoy the pain free, soft and smooth shave.

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Clio Palmperfect Cordless Shaver for Women


Clio Palmperfect Cordless Shaver for Women also comes in the list of best electric shaver for women. It is very simply design electric shaver that is perfect for the people who love to travel. Clio is travelling friendly electric shaver with very sharp blades. It has ability to remove the body hair just in one go because of its strong grip. It includes built in batteries that are rechargeable with very fine battery timings. It has a simple design that makes it easy to use. Clio Palmperfect is perfectly design to be used under the shower or on the dry skin. It has rubber boundaries on its both sides that make sure it will nit slip while using. This perfect electric shaver for women is available in very affordable price. Go grab yours now and make hair trimming fun.


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