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As we all know that women love shopping. The things that comes to a women mind after listening to the world shopping is make up, jewelry, dresses, shoes, bags and many other items. But unlike women, there are very few things that men are conscious about and Electric shaver is one the men favorite item. Trimming the facial hair and giving them the perfect look is the men aim. Like women, men also want to look up to date and stylish. As it is quite easy to shape the facial hair with the help of electric razor and to give you a new look in lesser time. On the other hand selecting the right electric razor is tough decision and it should be made after very careful observation.

There are numerous numbers of manufacturers that claim that they have best quality electric shavers with number of unique features that give a fine and perfect shape. But you need to select the electric shaver that is not only reliable but durable too. In the article below we have gathered few best electric shavers for men with their features and their prices on Amazon. Have a look on them and select the electric shaver of your own choice that match your requirements and boost your confident after shaving.

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Braun Series 5 Electric Razor


braun series 5

When we talk about electric shaver either of women or men Braun series comes at number 1. Braun series offers number of electric shavers for both men and women in reasonable prices with grantees and warranties. It surely is the electric shaver that can give you premium shave in very affordable price. Braun series 5 offers triple action shaver that has better grip on your jaw line and chin and trim up even very fine hair. It has optifoil that offers the closet shave ever. The head of Braun series 5 contour every kind of face and gives very smooth and soft skin after you are done with shaving. It has automatic cleaning option so it seems like a new razor every day. Braun has rechargeable battery and it only needs 5-10 minutes to get charged. Braun series five is the one of best electric shaver that will surely give you soft, smooth and comfortable shave. Braun series 5 has 4.2 rating on Amazon and is available for only 99.99$. Go Get your Braun now and make shaving a fun thing.

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Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men

As I mentioned above Braun series is best when it comes to electric shaver for both men and women. Braun series 7 is the electric shaver especially designed for men. It’s the world number 2 foil shaver that givers perfect shave and fine look after every shape. In Braun series 7 you can select from 3 personalization modes that enables more individual shave. It enables you to select from very sensitive shave to intensive shave according to your requirements. It has maximum facial adaptability and has ability to give a firm grip to every small facial hair and trim it very finely. In addition to that it has clean and renews system that keeps the razor clean and look like new one very time. It also features optifoil that is closet Braun shaver ever. Braun series 7 is the best option for the person looking for perfect shave in a affordable prices. According to Amazon Braun series has 4.5 rating and is available only for $164.99.

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Philips Norelco PT724/41 Shaver 3100

Phillips Norelco it the electric shaver that offers flex and float system it has ability to contour every face. The flex and float system of this electric shaver enables it to catch every fine hair of your face and gives you very comfortable shave. Phillip Norelco has a lithium battery that need 8 hours and charging. After complete charge it can be used for 40 minutes without any interruptions. No doubt it has amazing battery timings. The pop up trimmer of Phillips Norelco is perfectly design to trim your side burns. In addition to that very comfort cut of Phillips Norelco has fine round edges that prevents cuts and creates the closer and comfortable shave. This electric shaver will give you fine looking and shinny soft skin after every shave leaving you having a very confident personality. On Amazon it has rating of 4.3 that clearly shows it used and loved by number of people across the world. Go get your Phillip Norelco now from Amazon just for $40 and have a better shave in lesser time.

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Remington F5 5800 Electric Razor

Remington F5 5800 Electric Razor is the men electric shaving razor that offers a flex and interceptor technology. It has rinse able design with easy cleaning techniques that keeps the shaver clean and neat all the time. The pop up trimmer of Remington F5 5800 Electric Razor ensure that it has a complete grip on every fine hair in the face and gives a perfect shape. It head settle down on every kind of face and trims the hair properly according to your wish. It is rechargeable. Remington F5 5800 Electric Razor needs 5 minute of quick charging and can give 60 minutes uninterruptable shave. It no doubt is an amazing product with 4.2 rating on Amazon. Go grab your Remington F5 5800 Electric shaver now for only 41.26$ on Amazon and have fun filled experience of shaving.

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 Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1

It is the men body groomer along with the beard trimmer.  Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler is the electric shaver that is not only good for cleaning but also is best for trimming men body and beard hair. It has a very fine design that gives a firm grip to the facial and body hair and trims every desired hair from your body. If you want to go out with very fine look every, than Gillette fusion is what you need. Gillette fusion is the perfect electric shaver in the very affordable price of $18.97 with rating of 4. Get your Gillette fusion today and make your shaving process more easy and simple.

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