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With the technology innovations, scientist and technicians are modifying everything that used to be very simple in previous era. With scientific innovation machines are getting complex but at the same time they helped in increasing in the comfort of human life. Like all other things the simple razor has also been modified to electric shaver and convenience associated with electric shaver is very clear. Electric shavers are portable devices that have ability to cut down even very fine hair, they help in reducing the time and effort required in shaving. Electric shavers unlike the ordinary razor do not require other grooming items like comb scissors and etc. It has ability to force the hair to stand up and provides more versatile use.

Choosing a right electric shaver or you is another important thing. Many manufacturers offer numerous numbers of electric shavers with different guarantees and money back warranty. Choosing right razor that suits perfectly with your skin is difficult and confusing decision. Here in the article we have gathered few best electric shaver under the price of $100 to prevent the fuss of bargaining and wandering everywhere in the market to find electric shaver of your own choice. Let’s have a look on the article below and select the electric shaver that matches your requirements perfectly.

5 Best Electric Shavers Under $100

Braun series 3-340s

The name of Braun always comes first in mind when we talk about electric shaver. It has best electric shaver for both men and women in very reasonable prices. Braun series 3-340s in the wet and dry electric shaver that has triple action floating system. You can always add a little goop without any hesitation because of its wet and dry and technology. Braun series 3-340s has middle trimmer that gives fine-looking shave and even trim a tiny hair on your face. The perfect shave of Braun leaves a shinny and soft skin and you feel like you have selected the right electric shaver. Braun series electric shaver is available on Amazon for only $40. You can go and get your order booked now for a perfect and fine looking shave.

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Philips Norelco PT724/41 Shaver 3100

Phillips Norelco it the electric shaver with flex and float system that has ability to contour every face. The flex and float system of this electric shaver enables it to catch every fine hair of your face and gives you a fresh look. Every comfort cut of Phillips Norelco has fine round edges that prevents cuts and creates the closer and comfortable shave. Phillip Norelco has a lithium battery that need 8 hours and charging. After complete charge it can be used for 40 minutes without any interruptions. No doubt it has amazing battery timings. The pop up trimmer of Phillips Norelco is perfectly design to trim your side burns. This electric shaver will give you fine looking and shinny soft skin after every shave. Go get your Phillip Norelco now from Amazon just for $40 and make shaving a fun activity.

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Creation Springs Wet Dry Men’s Electric Rechargeable Shaver

Creation spring is the name you must have heard for the first time. It is an affordable and compact electric shaver that has very fine black and blue design. It is a very fine electric shaver that includes everything a shaving machine should have like: shaver, cleaning brush and recharger. The shaver has a black rubbery casing that provides a fine grip and it is both wet and dry electric shaver. The shaver works perfectly even on the dry skin but when it used with water or shaving cream it gives best results and even trim very fine facial hair. Leaving your skin, soft smooth and shinny. Creation spring electric shaver is available only for$50 and you can place your order now without any delay. Get your creation spring now and enjoy soft and smooth shaving.

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Philips Norelco 7310 Shaving System

If you are looking for clean and smooth shave in the reasonable price then Phillips Norelco 7310 is the electric shaver that can meet your requirements perfectly. Phillips Norelco 7310 is the man shaving system that has cordless and rechargeable electric shaver along with a charger cord. This electric shaver with black and silver fitting is perfect for the people who wish for premium shave and do not want to spend excess amount o money on it. The rotary head of Phillips Norelco 7310 helps to give a fine grip of facial hair. It has the on/off button on the body and LED lights that shows the battery status. This wet and dry, washable electric shaver is available on Amazon, Get your Phillips Norelco today and have a premium shave in fewer prices.

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Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is the electric shaver that has powerful motor of 13000 RPM’s that gives the strong and uninterrupted shave in lesser time. In addition to that unlike other electric shaver it has turbo cleaning mode too. That can shake off any remaining deposits out of the device hence giving you the easy to clean electric shaver. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is the electric shaver with the arched foil along with nanotech blades that provides very fine grip and custom shave on every face. In addition to this you can also use it on dry skin or under the shower. It has pop up trimmer that trims side burn very fine and give a soft, smooth and shinning skin as a result of shaving. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is available on Amazon for only $75. Get your Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 now for fine and comfortable shave.

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A perfect and smooth shave is the thing that can boost men’s personality. A well groomed man is no doubt a man with better self confidence. You will have affine shave only if you have selected the best shaver that suits to your skin and face shape. The above 5 electric shaver are not only best electric shave but also are very reasonable and can help you in boosting your personality and can make you look outstanding.

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