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The rapid pace with which technological innovations are taking place and how they are affecting our daily lives is pleasantly alarming. We have come a far way in terms of electronics technology and communications at a rate that is faster than ever recorded in the history of mankind. Journeying from first-generation mainframe computers to personal computers (PCs) in only about two decades goes on to show how tech-savvy this century’s generation has become. Talking about tech-savvy leaves the topic incomplete if we don’t mention the millions of e-commerce websites that have sprung up, especially in the last decade.

Commenting on my personal choice of of the best e-commerce platforms for 2015 would reflect a biased opinion as it largely depends on the firm in question and its needs. A cosmetics company’s e-commerce sources would be quite in contrast to those of a news source company. And there is a whole another range of platforms available for shopaholics like me! Therefore, each and every businessman is different and has different needs and approaches to running and expanding their businesses profitably. However, the best E-commerce platforms for 2015 are primarily divided into four main categories. Leaders have a significant market share and service resources, such as Shopify, and NetSuite Commerce. Then there are high performers who provide products that are highly rated by their users but have yet to achieve the market share like the leaders in the industry. Examples include Avangate and Mivee Merchant. Following them are the contenders, such as the Oracle Commerce, that have significant scale of operations and resources but their products are not rated very highly. Platforms like Infusionsoft are classified as Niche vendors as they have not yet received enough reviews to justify their success but they are placed high on customer satisfaction.

Best eCommerce Platform 2015

Let’s now embark upon a journey to find out the perfect e-commerce platform that will suit your needs, leading you to eventual eCommerce prosperity. It is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options available for the eCommerce platforms to choose from and all of them have their pros and cons. The platforms we have mentioned were chosen for various reasons. They are prominent and renowned in the industry and have shown rapid growth relative to other competitors.

Shopify – Best eCommerce Platform 2015

Shopify is probably the most user-friendly of all the platforms, Shopify has come a long way by providing visually appealing sites. It is an ideal choice for small and medium sized enterprises owing to its simplicity and user friendliness. Users of this platform do not require advanced functionality but focus more on aesthetics and new, modern look-and-feel. Shopify is the best eCommerce platform 2015.

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Magento –Ecommerce Guru

An eCommerce platform with an ever increasing number of users. It is the fastest growing provider catering to brands such COACH and Zumiez. It is the platform that caters to upper tier and middle-sized retailers, allowing them to afford its high cost but it can also be used by larger retailers. It offers out-of-the-box features and is not recommended for one person or small enterprises because it not only sells products but goes way beyond that by personalizing th customer experience.


Similar to Shopify, this is one of the most reliable eCommerce platforms with lots of features at a price like peanuts. The main idea behind it was to make it simple and easy to use for the end consumers. With more customization possibilities and unique features, it enables the users to benefit from in-depth analysis of customers and products. As it is an expensive choice, it will be more cost-effective for small operations to opt for other offers on the table.


You can take your business operations to a whole another level with the help of Amazon. Unbelievable reliability, unparalleled growth and customer interaction and innovation is the heart, mind and soul of this platform, respectively. It is a holistic, full-featured platform that will allow you to build and operate a profitable e-store.

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

Although not a unique platform, WooCommerce is an excellent choice for WordPress websites and sites that require more advanced functionality and are looking to integrate a multitude of third-party applications seeking to publish, and capitalize on, content.

Spree Commerce

It is a free and open-sourced platform that gears brands such as Chipotle and Bonfire. Despite the fact that it is a new platform, it has become a rage for the year 2015 owing to its high potential. With a variety of distinctive features available, this platform is a fantastic choice for smaller businesses that are not particularly high on development. It has strong integration possibilities because of their Wombat software.

These eCommerce platforms are best options for the year 2015. Shopify is most recommended among them but it all depends on your needs.

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