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best calender apps for android

Every android smartphone already has a default calendar to use. But sometime it lacks good features and you need to download some cool apps from play store. Google play store is loaded with tons of calendar applications and that it may confuse you some times. But you should use the best calendar app for android. In the following article we are going to tell you feature of 5 best calendar apps for android phones. All these apps are available on play store and can be downloaded for free.


aCalendar is a calendar app for android phones. This application has tons of unique features that can make you fall to download it. This applications has different widgets and you can choose widgets of your own choice to add on home screen. Moreover it has cool and unique IU and 48 different colours. aCalendar offers you different formats for days, weeks, months and years. It works efficiently without eating much battery and you can download it from play stor for free. Its paid version has some more enhanced and accurate features.

Google Calendar

Google applications are always best and there is no doubt in it. They are more efficient and simpler in use. Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for android and it is available on play store for free. It does not have any complex list of features but it is simple and accurate in use. A simple app with reminders and home widgets facility, that you may not miss something important. Moreover, you can use different colours for different days, weeks, months and years. Google calendar can be download for free.

Jorte Calendar and organization

It is pretty cool calendar app for android phones. Jorte has an option to customize your background and choose the background of your own choice. Moreover, it enables you to add pictures or images with events so you may not forget any important event. It has a unique feature that it is capable of sync with Google calendar, face book and twitter calendar. Jorte is available for free on play store and can be downloaded easily. But its paid version has some more enhanced features.

Digical Calendar

Digical calendar happens to be another best calendar app for android phones. It shows days weeks, months years and agendas in portrait manners and can make you work easier. Its another attractive feature is 9 different lock screen widgets in different colours. Digical calendar app is available for free on play store and can be downloaded for free. Its paid version is also available for more accuracy and features.

Business Calendar

Business calendar is another best calendar app for android with almost same features explained above. It has eye catching graphics with good colour combination. Reminders can be added and days, weeks are agendas can be set accordingly. One of its unique features is it has search option. So you can search different events easily. It can be synced with Google as well. Its free and paid both versions are available on play store. Grab it now and enjoy its features.

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