5 ways Apple prevents your privacy in iOS 8

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I read an interesting report in a newspaper that apple is aiming to keep your private life private. At least they are trying to manage it in current regulatory environment.

Developers have deep look at Apple and now they have much improved privacy and security protection is IOS 8. In this Article we are summarizing six interesting highlights. Probably Apple sees its privacy and security competitive to other android and smart phone devices. An Apple wireless software engineer said:

“We don’t think it’s good enough to be sort of private with your data stored somewhere else, we think it’s important to take privacy very seriously.”

Apple privacy and security solutions extend in iOS 8. From how you control and access privacy features to the way in which key data is held in secure way.

Following are the five ways Apple prevents your privacy in IOS 8. Have a look on them.


Apple already is being thinking to put some efforts in HomeKit security and privacy. Security and privacy are on the top priority in HomeKit. It means that your home activities are not being monitored all the time in order to target ads on you.


Apple HealthKit is supposed to protect your health data. Whenever you used health related App your data is stored by that app so you may have little control of that information. Health insurance, bank and advertisers wanted to access that data for customer profiling. Apple is putting efforts to encrypt most of this data and enables user to have control over their information, for what purpose it is being used and to whom it is being shared. Apple has very accurately made privacy controls in HealthKit.

While in Use

IOS 8 should request a new While in use permission in order if you want to access your location data. This means app start functioning in accessing your location while if it is not currently activated it will be revealed through a warning message.


Apple has changed the way to access contacts. If you want to select a single contact you do not need to give app access to your whole contact list. It is giving IOS 8 users more control over what kind of contact information is being shared with this app.


KeyChain and Touch ID incorporate with the secure Enclave which is being introduced in iPhone 5s. In IOS 8 there is a host of privacy enhancement to these features. It provides a facility to use touch ID to allow app access only to the device owner. It will help you to keep your banking apps more secure.

Child Protection

In line with Children Online Privacy Protection Act, IOS 8 App now has a privacy policy as a

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