5 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Android Phone

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Slow phones are quite irritating and annoying. You press any icon and it takes few minutes to start or sometimes the letter are typed few minutes after typing. We can imagine how badly it can influence your android phone usage. But you don’t need to be worried because in this post we are going to tell you 5 simple ways to speed up your android phone without taking extra time. Have a look!

Clear Your App Cache

It will not take much of your time. Just 30 seconds to improve the speed of your android phone. What you have to do is clear cache of different applications. Programs running on android phone eat up your memory and make your phone very slow. Clear your app cache individually by going to application settings, press clear cache option and get rid of slow speed. It is very obvious that it will appear again after sometime and you need to clear it again. App cache already have auto-clear feature. By enabling this feature you don’t need to clear it now and then.

Uninstall Unused Applications

It is another simple step you can follow to make your phone fast. There are number of applications in your phone which you do not use on daily basis. These applications keep on running in background and make your phone slow. For example you have used a shopping application a month ago and it is still present in your phone making it slow. What you need to do is uninstall those unwanted applications and get rid of slow phone.

Install a New App Launcher

Default phone app launcher controls many functions at the same time and make the phone slow. It controls your desktop, lock screen menu and many other critical parts at the same time. Installing a third party app launcher will help you to increase the speed of your phone. There are number of different app launchers available on play store. But we will suggest you Lightning Launcher. Lightning launcher is app launcher which is quickest and simplest in use. You can download it from play store.

Remove Unnecessary Widgets and Shortcuts

No matter if your phone has fastest launcher. Unwanted widgets and shortcuts can still make it slow. These widgets and shortcuts use extra memory of your phone hence make it slow. Look at your desktop screen and press  and hold any unnecessary shortcut and widget then drag it and remove it from desktop. This practice will hardly take a few minutes and your phone speed will be improved for sure.

Limit Background Data

Your facebook, twitter and other backup apps not only ping up your internet data but also make your phone slow and difficult to use. There are some services that you need to check on daily basis but some applications are being checked after a week or month. What you have to do is to limit background data and make your phone work more efficiently.

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