5 Best Android Lock Screen You Should Install in Your Phone

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Screen lock is needed for the phone containing important files or private documents. Screen lock gives you a satisfaction that your data is safe and prevent you from unauthorized use. Default screen locks of most of the android phones do not have certain features. There tons of screen lock applications available on play store. People mostly get confused which application to choose and which to not. So here in this article we are telling you about 5 best android lock screen applications.

NiL S Notification Lock Screen

NiL S Notification lock screen is an application available on play store and you can download it for free. This android lock screen application enables you to check the notifications like SMS, Email, Facebook notifications, WhatsApp and etc. You do not need to open screen lock to see notifications, they will appear automatically on lock screen.
It also includes a built in clock and the amazing feature of this application is that you can adjust everything according to you including background colour, notification size clock size and its adjustment and text colour.

Dynamic Lock Screen

This is very cool and appealing android lock screen application. In Dynamic application you can set your picture or any other image from Facebook and Twitter on lock screen. There is a share button in the application which enables you to share your screen with your friends or family members. You can also upload your lock screen background on social websites like Twitter and Facebook. The latest version of Dynamic lock screen is available on play store. Download it now to prevent your phone from unauthorized use and enjoy its unique features.

Start Android Lock Screen Application

Start is another unique android lock screen app with tons of new features. It has number of themes which means your lock screen looks more attractive. Moreover, it enables you to get quick access to different widgets, weather, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter and etc. Download it now from play store and enjoy its unique features.

Magic Locker

Magic locker

It is very stylish but simple android screen lock application. Magic locker is available on play store with number of unique features. It enables shortcut customization, theme customization, screen lock and support customize date format and system security pattern. You can have quick access to different applications of your android phone. The most unique feature of Magic locker is that it helps you send emails and sms directly from lock screen and can check your notification on lock screen. The latest version of magic locker is available on play store and can be downloaded easily.

Go Locker

go locker app for android phone

It is being launcher by Go Launcher and has number of unique features. Its themes and colour schemes make it look more attractive. Moreover it allows customization as well. It allows direct access to Facebook, Twitter, music player, Youtube and many other applications from your android lock screen.

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