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You look at your home screen more than any other screen on your android phone. It should be attractive and functional at the same time. Sometime default launcher failed to meet expectation and you try to find any other launcher for your android phone. Play store offers you a number of android launcher applications. This variety of applications can make you confuse. We, in this article are going to summarize 5 best android launcher applications. You can download them for free from your play store.

Google Now Launcher

best launcher for android

Unlike previous time Google now launcher is now available on play store and you can download it for free for your android phone. The drawback of Google Now launcher is that you can have access to your phone by swiping the leftmost screen. So your phone can’t be used by any unauthorized source. Google now is improving it’s features every other day and now the launcher offers extremely useful services only on one swipe. Download it now to enjoy its feature

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the oldest among launchers. It is highly customizable. By using a launcher other than your default launcher helps you to make your android device more presentable. The best feature of Nova launcher is that you can customize everything according to your own choice. You can customize grid sizes, images, background, clock, widgets and etc. It has a number of themes to make your phone screen fresher. Its premium version is available on play store and most of the time its free version is enough to meet your requirements. You can download it from the link below

Aviate Beta

Aviate beta is a very interesting android phone launcher. It includes amazing adjustable tools that get adjusted as you go through your day. Unlike other launchers the layout is very simple and unique in use. The amazing feature is that group apps keep on changing as the day goes according to your position. For example if you are in kitchen, it will show applications related to cooking and if you are on road trip, applications related travelling will appear on your screen automatically. You can download this launcher from play store for free.

Everything Me Launcher

everything me launcher for android

Everything me is another best android launcher for your android smartphone. It is a dynamic launcher. Its unique feature is that you can speak to your android device and it will show you applications according to your choice. Like Aviate launcher everything me launcher also get changed as the day passed according to your situation. For example if you are going to office it will show you list of task you need to complete today or if you are going to meeting it will show you a list of appointments and etc. This launcher can be downloaded for free from Google play

Themer Launcher


If you want a perfect home screen then Themer Launcher is created for you. You don’t need to customize your home screen but it already has number of themes. You can choose theme of your own choice. Even after choosing a theme you can customize it by using tons of option available.

This was our list of 5 best android launcher applications that you can use in your android phone. What android launcher you use in your android device? What do you think is the best android launcher application? Let us know in the comments below.

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