3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Cheap Android Phone

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I can say it without any doubt that Android is one of the world’s most used mobile operating systems. Ranging from smart watches, smart phones to tablets all are processing on android operating system. It’s amazing features attracted so many people in such a less time and now it is one of the world’s best operating systems. A person who is going to buy an android smartphone has certain expectation from his phone. He wanted number of applications on play store and a variety of games that do not let him get bored. Nowadays a large variety of smartphones is available ranging from few hundreds to thousands. But one has to choose android phone that has the ability to meet his expectation. Why we should not buy a cheap android smartphone? Here are 3 reasons why we should not buy a cheap smartphone. Let’s have a look.

Bad quality

why we should not buy cheap smart phone

Let first classify android smart phones into two categories. One is local manufacturing companies which includes some of the china companies as well and on the other hand there are high end manufacturing companies like HTC, Samsung, Xperia and etc.
Now if you are going to buy an android phone from local or low end manufacturing companies so lets be ready for the irritation because they are going to annoy you for sure. Obviously if the manufacturers are offering you anything on low rate, there must be some reason behind it. And the top most reason behind their cheap rates are their bad quality and material. These android smartphones are with bad material and do not have much life. Moreover they keep on annoying you for example they have less battery life. So you need to charge them now and then and mostly their screens are resistant to scratches and many more.

Low Quality Touch screens

Whenever you are going to buy any smart phone, you have a lot of expectations. One most important feature that an android phone should have its best graphics. Graphics and attractive screen gives a new look your phone. Moreover it’s touch screen system should be good enough and easy to use. Cheap smartphones have bad graphics they may look appealing in first look but they are actually not and same is with the touch screen. The bad quality touch screen may annoy you several times. Do not waste your money on bad quality stuff. Go and grab good quality android phone to enjoy the real features and applications.

Forget Android Updates

I have personally used some low quality android smartphones. They forget to give you notifications for Android OS updates. If you are using any application on 4.2.2 version, you will keep on using it on same version and will not get any kind of updates from the phone. On the other hand when you download updates from play store, it takes too long to update the present version of application.

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