3 best cooking/recipe apps for Android

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If we go few years back. Women in kitchen were used to reading recipes from heavy cooking books. It is quite difficult to manage number of books while you are cooking and reading at the same time. By the passing year’s technology have made our lives so easy that cooking is more than a fun activity now. No matter it is a tablet or phone, cooking with android is a very powerful tool. Play store has number of cooking apps for android. Now there is no use of using old recipe books. Downloading a cooking app will help you enjoy cooking. There are tons of cooking/recipe applications available on Google play store. Here are 3 best cooking apps for android. You can download these cooking/recipe apps anytime for free. Have a look on them.

BigOven – Android Recipe App
android recipe app bigoven

BigOven is one of the most popular and best cooking app for android. It is different from other cooking apps because it has 170,000 recipes in his data base. It has unique features like it will give you the complete list of ingredients before you are going for shopping. Moreover, it has automatic unit conversion between metric and imperial. It will also tell you that how many calories are in the dish you are going to cook. BigOven is one of the best app and can be downloaded for free from play store. Download it now and enjoy cooking like a fun activity.

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Q timer – Android Recipe App

Q timer

Here we are going to tell you about a timer app that has huge amount of variation and it is worth to download. The best thing about it is that you can set up a number of timers at the same time. So now you can set timer for all your dishes and recipes you are going to try. It is very simple in use but it doesn’t mean that it is not effective. Simple and effective both at the same time. Q timer is totally free and it is available on play store. Download it now from the link given below.

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Healthy Recipes – Android Recipe App

android recipe app

Healthy recipe is mostly similar to bigOven but the twist in this app is that all the recipes given in the list are healthy and even not bad for you at all. It makes easy for you to decide what to eat and what to not. All dishes come up with calories, fat content, proteins, carbs, and fiber measurement present in it. All these measurements are accurate. Currently there are only 150 recipes listed in the list but this number is being increased by every passing day. If you like whatever you are trying from the listed recipes you can also add them into your favorite list. Healthy recipes is a famous app and is used by thousands of people across the world. It is trusted app and worth downloading. This android cooking app is available on play store for free. Download it now from the link given below.

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